The Unconscious Authority by Joe Hammer

How to break through your mind's barriers, unleash your dormant wisdom and banish limitations from your life relationship or career.

Have you desired to make a powerful and necessary change in your life, but found it seemingly impossible? Even though you knew that change would make your life easier? 

You tried everything; listened to "self-help" audio programs, read books, attended seminars and personal growth workshops.

Yet, no luck. You're still struggling in the same direction...

Maybe you've even experienced an expensive, hyped-up personal development boot camp, only to find you've returned to your everyday habits of thought. And those habits of thought are reflected in your life, relationships and career.

The Unconscious Authority is about to change all that. It addresses the unconscious, yet powerful, driving force behind our life's direction.

It delves into the science of our mindsets, behaviors, hang-ups, quirks and habits ... as well as how they "got there" and what we need to do to truly change them, permanently.

There are a lot of self-help books on the market, but The Unconscious Authority digs deeper. 

Making life changes by setting intentions on the conscious level are ineffective and short-lived. It's beyond setting intentions, reading affirmations or the annual and most-always-failing "New Year's Resolutions"... it's about Permanent Life Change through his Subconscious Motivation™ process. 

Having witnessed and experienced many powerful life shifts with his clients during his years in his personal development practice, author Joe Hammer discovered the real "secret" to locking in lasting life changes. You'll read about many of their transformations in the book.

Isn't it time you took the power away from your Unconscious Authority and start living the life you desire? The Unconscious Authority will dissect the reasons behind our behaviors and set you on the path to a new you... the way you desire to be.


Author: Joe Hammer, Scottsdale, Arizona
148 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 0996804706
Published: 12/15/2015
Author website: UnconsciousAuthority.com
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